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Epic Gardener
Table of Contents
Issue 11
Summer 2005


Running Hot and Cold

Recent Developments
in Echinacea Breeding

The Monochromatic Colour Trend

No-Loss Planting

Epic Plants 2005,
Part 2

Hardy Cyclamen


Epic Plants 2005, part 2

Aconitum carmichaelii

This is one of the best forms of the late- flowering Aconitum, and probably one of my favourite all-time perennials. It has tall, strong stems carrying the deep purple, hood-like flowers. It is an excellent companion for Japanese Anemones, tall Sedums and Perovskia. It was developed by legendary German plantsman Georg Arends in 1945.
‘Royal Wave’ PPAF

This is a wonderful new sterile form (may be a tetraploid version of Samantha’) with large, upfacing, purple-blue, white-centered lowers with wavy petal edges. It is very fragrant and blooms all summer. We’ve listed it for a couple of years– we finally do indeed have some plants.
Agastache foeniculum
‘Golden Jubilee’

This is a new form with fragrant, golden foliage and tall spikes of purple to lavender flowers. It is excellent also as a cut and dried flower, and is a favourite food source of bees and butterflies. The Epic Gardener Summer 2005
Digitalis purpurea
‘Pam's Choice’

From Wayside Gardens (SC) comes this new and wild strain of the Common Foxglove with white flowers and maroon throats and interior spotting. As with most Foxgloves, it is particularly effective when planted in large groups. It is of course a biennial and therefore requires additional new plants after a year or two, but it may also selfseed. The common name Foxglove comes from the individual flowers looking like the snipped-off fingers of a glove.
Artemisia ludoviciana
‘Valerie Finnis’

This is a shorter form with intensely silver foliage. It is an easy-to-grow perennial, and doesn't spread like other varieties of A. ludoviciana. One can remove flowers to promote foliage growth. It is possibly one of the more useful of the silver-leaved perennials, creating pleasant transition zones between colour schemes.
Liatris ligulistylis
The Meadow Blazing Star is unique in that the purple-pink blossom clusters are significantly spaced. It is the ultimate Monarch butterfly magnet and Goldfinch feeder. Combine with Echinacea, Monarda or Sedum.
Hypericum androsaemum
‘Albury Purple’

This is a selected form of this historic 'heal-all' with wonderful Burgundy foliage (loved by the designer types). It has yellow flowers and ornamental fruit that change from yellowish to deep red and inally to dark brown. It is recommended to cut back old wood hard to produce the best leaf colour.
Echinacea MEADOWBRITE™ Series
What a breakthrough! Despite the little mix-up and the somewhat pessimistic words of caution (and frustration!) in Garden Thoughts (inside cover), these new Echinacea are indeed a breakthrough, and make wonderful additional colours available in a super genus.
‘Art’s Pride’

Here it is, the new Coneflower hybrid with outstanding rust- range flowers. This is the first introduction from Jim Ault's seven-year breeding program at the Chicago Botanic Gardens.
Hypericum calycinum

The ladies in our nursery lauded this one last year as it grew in one of our trial sections. It has wonderful golden-yellow foliage with reddish edges. It prefers a well-drained soil. It is recommended to cut back old wood hard to produce the best leaf colour.
‘CBG Cone 3’

This is a tissue culture sport of Orange Meadowbrite with pale orange or mango-coloured petals
Knautia macedonica
This is an underused perennial by my estimation, with deep, purple-red, Scabiosalike flowers that bloom for a relatively long time. Cut back to 30cm (12") in late spring to control height if desired. It should be considered short-lived. It is also a useful freshcut or dried flower.
The Epic Gardener Lilium Orienpet Group
The Orienpets are stunning new hybrids between Oriental and Trumpet Lilies. They typically offer the best of both worlds: large flowers, sweet fragrance, and sturdy garden performance. They generally bloom just before most Oriental Lilies.
‘Conca d'Or’
From Vletter and den Haan in Holland comes this new Oriental- Trumpet hybrid with up-to-outward facing bright lemon-yellow petals with paler tips.
Ednie Flower Bulb
Musa basjoo

Yes indeed, a hardy banana! From islands near Japan, this will add instant exotic flair to your garden. It is also recommended to try it in containers. The fruit however, of this banana, is considered to be nonedible. You can mulch and wrap the trunk if you wish (to get a taller plant the following summer), or not and let it re-grow each year from below the soil line.
This Oriental-Trumpet hybrid has pink buds that open to a thick-petalled, warm yellow flower. Each stem is like a bouquet of fragrant flowers.
Tanacetum vulgare ‘Isla Gold’
From the UK comes this amazing gold-leaved form of the common Tansy. It retains its colour well throughout the summer, and is considered by some to be the best gold-leaved perennial for good continual foliage colour.
This Oriental-Trumpet hybrid has large, flared white petals, each marked with a central pinkred stripe.
Tricyrtis ‘Taipei Silk’ PPAF
From Darrell Probst (Epimedium guru) comes this new hybrid with outstanding flowering, compact size and neat erect habit. Flowers are white with purple edges and tips, with some spotting.

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